HT & LT Bus Ducts Manufacturer

LT Bus Ducts

Our aluminum/copper bus ducts provide flexible power distribution solutions with short-circuit fault level ratings up to 70kA.

    HT & LT Bus Ducts Manufacturer
    LT Bus Ducts Manufacturer

    We are pioneers in design, engineering & manufacturer of various types of bus ducts and bus trucking systems. Our Non-segregated bus ducts with inter leaving design, provides flexible power distribution Solutions for a variety of applications where change and adaptation are important.

    Ø  LT Aluminum/Copper Bus Duct rated upto,6000Amps and 70KA Short circuit fault level.

    Ø  Designing of Bus Duct to achieve required Fault Level, considering temp. Rise, Thermal Rating, Stress, withstand capacity and all applicable de-rating factors.

    Ø  Indoor/Out door Duty, Separate adapter at both end With Space heater and earth Bus.

    Ø Indoor/ Outdoor Bus ducts and Raising Main.