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Vidyut Control & Switchgears (VCSG) offers a comprehensive range of electrical control panels designed to meet the diverse needs of various industries. Our products are built with quality materials, cutting-edge technology, and strict adherence to international standards.

Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) Panels

Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) Panels

Control the speed of electric motors for applications like conveyors and compressors.
Soft Starter Panel

Soft Starter Panel

Protect AC motors from startup current surges.
Intelligent Motor Control Center (IMCC) Panels

Intelligent Motor Control Center (IMCC) Panels

Advanced motor management systems for low voltage applications, offering improved efficiency and reduced downtime.

Type-Tested Assemblies (IEC 61439)

L&T-designed, fully type-tested low voltage switchgear and controlgear assemblies for reliable power distribution (up to 4000A).
Power Control Panel (PCC Panel)

Power Control Center Panel

Robust PCC panels for diverse industrial applications, featuring fault withstand capacity up to 80kA and customizable configurations (100A-6300A).
Motor Control Center (MCC) Panels

Motor Control Center Panel

MCC panels housing various motor starters (DOL, Star-Delta, etc.) with features like PLC control and ample cabling space.
Automatic Power Factor Control (APFC) Panels

Automatic Power Factor Control Panel

Improve power quality and reduce electricity costs with these microprocessor-controlled panels.
Process Automation Panels Manufacturers

Process Automation Panels

PLC-based automation panels for efficient control and monitoring of industrial processes.
Synchronization & AMF Panel

DG Synchronization & AMF Panel

Manage and synchronize multiple generators for reliable power supply.
HT & LT Bus Ducts Manufacturer

LT Bus Ducts

Our aluminum/copper bus ducts provide flexible power distribution solutions with short-circuit fault level ratings up to 70kA.
Feeder Pillars

Feeder Pillars

Local isolation units protecting electrical distribution equipment and transformers.
Auto Man Failure Panel (AMF Panel)

Auto Main Failure Panel

The AMF Panel automatically switches your facility to backup generator power during outages, then seamlessly transitions back to main power when restored.
ACDB Panel Solar System

ACDB Panel Solar System

We offer a complete range of AC/DC distribution boards for solar power plants, including AC Distribution Panel Boards (ACDB) and DC Distribution Boards (DCDB).

Product Range

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